Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Welcome. You are about to read the Northwest Freeway Corridor blog, one of the most extensive pages on an American highway. In fact, I dare say that you can read and absorb everything in more time than you'd take actually driving the thing. This blog, originally a single HTML page, is a bit long because it covers about 45 miles of freeway. A bit of introduction: originally, it was supposed to be a simple list of buildings cleared in the 290 expansion project with some photos. Like the Interstate 10 widening a decade ago, there could be many, many casualties, almost certainly including single family houses (and as of summer 2015, those have happened). Sometime after the original project started, Erik (Oscar) Slotboom released his own pictures inspired by this very page, which are great--they have a lot of things I missed. Even though this page came first, I felt like I wasn't going to be able to compete with that, and eventually stopped updating my list, exacerbated by the generally poor data I've gotten (finding out when everything was built would require a LOT of HCAD-digging). This celebrates what is there, what has been there, more information on them, and a personal perspective as well. I also want to avoid covering the same ground as West Houston Archives, but even West Houston Archives originally didn't cover as far out as this page originally did (it still doesn't). Consider this your ultimate guide to both the freeway as it is now and an excellent historical reference. You will notice that in some areas the guide isn't 100% comprehensive. I do take requests if you want something to be covered though.

This used to be a single page. Note that the dates added aren't accurate, they're all 9/20/16 for the interest of keeping the order of the page. Also note that some sections may be out of date due to the changing nature of the freeway and the businesses.

Last Updated: January 10 2020 (Monterey's Tex-Mex picture in the last section)

The Index is as follows.

Highway 6 North (or keep reading down)
FM 1488
FM 1098
FM 362
Fields Store Road (added late November 2016)
Waller-Tomball Road / AJ Foyt Parkway (FM 2920) (added March 26 2017)
Binford Road and Kickapoo Road (added March 26 2017)
Hegar Road (added March 26 2017)
Betka Road / Badtke Road (added May 12 2017)
Roberts Road / Katy Hockley Road (added May 17 2017)
Becker Road (added June 3 2017)
Grand Parkway (added November 23 2017)
Mason Road (added February 18 2018)
Mueschke Road (added March 15 2018)
Cypress-Rosehill Road / Fry Road and Spring Cypress Road (added March 19 2018)
Skinner Road (added March 25 2018)
Barker-Cypress Road (added March 29 2018)
Telge Road (added September 17 2018)
Huffmeister Road (added November 18 2018)
FM 1960 / Highway 6 South (added February 4 2019)
North Eldridge Parkway and West Road (added April 25 2019)
Jones Road (added April 29 2019)
FM 529, Senate Avenue, and Sam Houston Parkway (added June 22 2019)
West Little York Road and Gessner Road (added July 2019)
Fairbanks North Houston Road (added August 21 2019)
Tidwell Road and Hollister Road (added November 19 2019)
Pinemont Drive, Bingle Road, and West 43rd Street (added December 31 2019)
Antoine Drive and West 34th Street (added January 6 2020)
Mangum Road and Dacoma Street (added January 6 2020)

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