Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Skinner Road

Another picture not mine, this time from Cypress Village Station's website

Continuing the theme of "characters from Matt Groening TV shows" what with Fry Road last, Skinner Road only has a few items of note. It doesn't cross the railroad, though Greenhouse Road is on the other side and (allegedly) "stubbed out" for expansion. Should they be connected, it would add a relief route to Fry Road. This section, for reference, covers Skinner Road proper to Cypress Creek.

Eastbound (South)
24815 - Although it seems like an anachronism with every passing year and the continued development of the area, there's a shooting range called Hot Wells Shooting Range. Hot Wells has a natural lake, and I read it used to be a public swimming hole for a while. It's also one of the few unprotected crossings along 290, and if Greenhouse/Skinner goes across the railroad, the crossing would probably be closed, with access gotten from the expansion. [UPDATE: Sometime around summer 2018, this became "HW Shooting Range" for reasons unknown. There's no official reason surrounding this, and the only reference I could find was this forum post which happened months after the fact]

Westbound (North)
25210 - The Cypress Park & Ride is part of the Cypress Village Station complex. The building was built on the site of a Chevrolet dealership off of Skinner (demolished in the early 2000s but looked to be closed by the 1990s).

25222 - The main Cypress Village Apartments component of above. For the rest of this, at least what it looked like as of 2015, check this out.

24500 - Built c. 1979 by Texas Instruments, this building was spared the cuts in the mid-1980s, but closed in 1993. Hewlett-Packard picked up soon after for use as a call center but it closed sometime in the early 2000s, and in February 2007 it became the first new 290 park and ride since 1989. After a permanent park and ride facility was built next door, it remained empty again for a short while before 2010 when Sysco purchased it.

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